COPS -The Invisible Men

A fast-paced comedy inspired by the original novel by H.G. Wells makes its world premiere at the Little Theatre, Hertford.

Event Information:

  • Dates:from Friday 07 June 24
  • until Saturday 15 June 24
  • Times: 19:45
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Written and directed by Laura Ilinca.

If you caught Laura’s award-winning lockdown production of The Strange Case of Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde, first streamed to CoPs audiences in late 2020, you’ll be familiar with the imaginative and quirky twist she brings to classic tales. The Invisible Men, as much inspired by as adapted from the H.G. Wells novel, turns the science fiction horror upside down into a fast-paced comedy, full of larger than life characters and mysterious goings on. The hapless Jack Griffin and his obsession with invisibility catapults a quiet English village into a world of spies, vodka and kidnappings, with hilarious consequences.

Griffin, a wannabe scientist, dreams of discovering the secret to invisibility. After his marriage fell apart, he moved in with his friends the Halls at The Cock & Bull Inn, in a picturesque but uneventful little village. Having little to do with their time, and lacking other bright ideas, the Halls spend their days helping Griffin plot silly revenges against his ex-wife and her new boyfriend. What could go wrong? Not much… until one day unexpected guests arrive at the inn, bringing with them an unknown number of secret agencies who seem to be quite interested in the invisibility business as well.

How can a Russian emigree, an insectologist, a wannabe scientist and two nearly-broke inn owners outsmart so many secret agents? You'll have to come along to find out...

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