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RSS Feeds

Our feeds allow you to get updates when we add new content. You can get the latest news, events and promotional listings from Go Hertford as soon as it's published without having to visit our site.

These feeds are provided in the RSS ('Really Simple Syndication') format which are designed to be read by computers opposed to people. To make use of our RSS feeds you can either use a web-based or desktop news reader:

Web-base Reader: These check feeds and show any new content that has been added to them. They let you catch up with your RSS feed subscriptions from any device which can be handy if you want to get updates when you're out and about.

App-base Reader: These work in a similar way to the web-based readers but are dedicated applications that you can install on your computer or mobile device. Many web-base services also provide applications that you can install.

There are many different offerings available, each with their unique features and services; just search "RSS Reader" to find the best on for you.

You can user the following links to access the feed urls for your chosen reader to get updates directly form Go Hertford:

 News Feed

Feed Url: gohertford.co.uk/news/feed/RSS2.0

 Events Feed

Feed Url: gohertford.co.uk/events/feed/RSS2.0

 Promotions Feed

Feed Url: gohertford.co.uk/promotions/feed/RSS2.0

Alternatively you can copy and past the urls into your RSS reader.

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