6 weeks of advice from experts. A lifetime of support from your new mum friends.

Event Information:

  • Dates: 25 February 20
  • until 31 March 20
  • Times: 10:15 - 11:15
  • Every: Tuesday
  • Duration: 6 weeks
Further Information…

Having a baby is something to celebrate, but it’s also tough.

Whether this is your first baby or your fourth(!) you’ll be adjusting to new routines, changes to your body and shifts in your relationships. And we’re pretty sure you’ll be knackered, too.

6 Week Social gives you the skills and support to enjoy your time with your baby, confident in the knowledge that you’re doing brilliantly (whether you’ve brushed your hair and changed out of your PJs or not).

For almost five years, we’ve been helping mums to meet and navigate these changes together. Other mums can be a lifeline in those early months and we love watching friendships grow!

What we offer is more than just a social though.

6 Week Social gives you access to local Hertfordshire experts who can help you navigate life with a new baby. 

Over six weeks our family of specialists will help you reflect on birth stories, learn ways to get your baby to sleep, and understand how to look after yourself physically and emotionally. We’ll also talk about your options for returning to work, or deciding not to, and we’ll share time together unwinding with crafts and relaxation, reinforcing your new friendships. 

6 Week Social is about mums supporting each other. Whether they’re a mum or one of our team, everyone is there to offer friendship, compassion and support.

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