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Residents, Locals and Visitors are able able to log on to the free WiFi on the street in the areas of Bull Plain, Fore Street, Maidenhead Street, Market Place, Market Street, Old Cross, Parliament Square, Railway Street, Salisbury Square, St Andrew Street, The Wash and Warren Place with their smartphones, tablet and laptops.

Users will also be able to find out more about the businesses and visitor attractions in the town centre.

Users can access the Free Wi-Fi by searching for the _HertfordFreeWifi network in their WiFi settings. There is no need to sign up to access the free service, and users will be taken automatically to the homepage of the Hertford shopping directory, www.gohertford.co.uk

Although we incorporate wireless encryption technology into our service, use of our service is at your sole risk. We are not responsible for your content whether it is personal and/or corporate in nature and you assume sole responsibility for any theft, loss or corruption of your device or content.

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