Hertford Heroes - Harry Jordan

This week’s is from Annegret Scott who is nominating Harry Jordan.

Annegret writes: Harry Jordan is one of my neighbours.  He is 17 and currently midway through his A levels.  He bought a 3D printer two years ago to work on projects including a hydraulic arm design.  When he heard on the BBC that people with 3D printers were helping frontline workers by producing PPE he looked into how he could get involved.  Very soon, after investigating, Harry spent most of his time making components for face shields.

He volunteered to use his 3D printer for batch production of parts for the top headband and bottom reinforcement components of PPE face shields. Since starting in early April, he has provided enough parts for hundreds of complete face shields which have all been distributed to the health workers who need them.

I admire this young man for spending hours and hours of his time printing these masks.  He researched and established a simple production line and worked out the most efficient process for his setup.  He is able to produce 20 a day, where others were doing 5 a day.  He has also shared his files with others so that they can benefit from the research and production methods that he has refined.  

Harry lives in Bengeo and in my eyes is the embodiment of a true Hertford Hero. The organisation Harry volunteers for is called 3DCrowd, they interviewed him for their 'meet the makers' blog which you can read here

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