Hertford Heroes - Deborah Bonfield of Manic Ceramics

This week's Hertford hero nomination is from Josephine Tamburello who has nominated Deborah Bonfield, who works and runs Manic Ceramics.

Josephine writes: Deborah has been a beacon of light throughout all of this. From the very start, she has been an emergency worker and has been helping everyone as much as she can. Creating art-based projects for people to take during their daily walks, she has made it easier for families to have fun at home. She has continuously come up with pieces that she has shared online and how to make them to give people ideas.

She has spoken and praised all of Hertford whilst her shop has been shut. She is making sure that the whole community is cared for. She is going above and beyond for all of those she can help, including bringing the items and projects to doorsteps for those that cannot get out or are isolating (including myself).

I hope that her hard work can be recognised by the town, as she is doing all of this, whilst raising money for charities helping the NHS. Deborah is a Hertford hero and I think she deserves praise and recognition for the work she does.

Find out more about Manic Ceramics here.

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