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Free WiFi for Hertford Town Centre

Posted on 19/04/2016

People are now able to log on to the free WiFi on the street in the area of Railway Street, Market Street, Salisbury Square, Market Place, Bull Plain and Maidenhead Street with their smartphones, tablet and laptops. Users will also be able to find out more about the businesses and visitor attractions in the town centre.

Cllr Jane Sartin, the chairman of the Development and Leisure Committee of Hertford Town Council said: “The free WiFi scheme is a further example of the Town Council’s commitment to supporting the town centre as a place for businesses to thrive and visitors to enjoy. Users will be able to easily access local information via the town centre website gohertford.gov.uk, which is another initiative run by the Council. The Town Council is grateful for the support of local businesses in hosting the WiFi hubs on their premises, and for Zoocha’s work to design the logo that will promote the service.”

The Town Council used a Hertfordshire company ITVET to install the WiFi scheme as they have had experience of establishing a similar scheme in Bishop’s Stortford. Six Internet access points have been erected on buildings in the trial area, which allows pedestrians to access the WiFi without charge or going through a laborious log in process. Users will be able to click through to the GoHertford website to find the local information.

Hertford Town Council by Hertford Town Council

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