Our Lockdown in 30 Objects


Free exhibition at St Andrew’s Church reflecting on our experience of living through the coronavirus pandemic.

Event Information:

  • Dates:from Saturday 09 October 21
  • until Sunday 17 October 21
  • Times: 10:00 - 16:00
  • Event Type: Free event
Further Information…

The exhibition will consist of 30 objects (such as an old boot with its sole detached, a denim jacket themed with West End shows, and a zimmer frame), accompanied by stories from their contributors to explain why they chose these items to illustrate something of their experience of the pandemic. We hope that the collection of objects and stories will give an insight into how life has been throughout this time for a cross-section of our community, but that each of us will also find echoes of our own personal experiences in it. 

We are inviting visitors to the exhibition to share their impressions with us and become part of the conversation. It is an opportunity for us all to 'talk about our own experience of lockdown; what we missed, what we cherished and what has mattered to us'.

Many of us have had mixed emotions during the past few months. There have been times of joy, but also times of sadness and loss and we would like to give people an opportunity to express this. We plan to set aside an area of the church for people to show their gratitude and another to allow people to express their sadness.

The exhibition will run from Saturday 9 - Sunday 17 October (except during services). Refreshments will be available on both Saturdays.


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