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Our glassblowing studio hand makes everything to order using refined glassblowing skills and a careful selection of complementary suppliers. We are passionate about what we make and driven to ensure the processes and techniques we use are kept within the UK’s manufacturing industry.


Founded by Victoria Rothschild and Mark Bickers in 2007, Rothschild & Bickers is renowned for its sophisticated and unique designs. Behind the exquisite lighting which adorns stylish hotels, restaurants and homes across the UK is a passion to keep the craft of glassblowing alive. Every design produced at the studio is handblown using traditional techniques, creating glass that will be cherished by future generations.

The Team

Glass manufacture is a team sport and is only successful when there is a committed group of people working together. All the staff at Rothschild & Bickers have studied glass design and continually strive to share their skills and achievements to keep this beautiful craft alive. It can take up to seven years training to become a master glass maker and we are growing our staff with a dedicated apprenticeship programme.


Handmade production allows the freedom to experiment, which is key to the design process. Inspiration is taken from antique manufacturing practises and married together with contemporary finishes to create exciting new products.

Clients are encouraged to participate in every stage of the development, choosing colours and combinations to suit their project. By using 3D CAD programs, designs can be bespokely formed to work within a space and made available for presentations.


A love of making and a respect for their material underpins all Rothschild & Bickers’ work. Pure molten glass is hand-formed using only calipers as a measure, making products that are truly unique. Rothschild & Bickers celebrate the differences and use the special qualities of glass to custom-make lighting to suit our clients. To safeguard our high production values, every piece of glass is inspected by several members of our experienced team on the way from the hot shop to being meticulously packed for shipment.

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